'True confession - I've always been a VARDOS fan. Just got this album, it is a knockout, if you feel like a pick-me-up, a party, a celebration of life. If you feel like meditating, perhaps save it till later in the day. If you are new to this sort of music, perhaps take in small doses until infected.' Ernie Gruner, 2020

'This band transports you directly to a Romanian village, with their spirited traditional Eastern European music - yet these four musicians are from Australia. Having learnt the music from Roma musicians during their travels in Eastern Europe, Vardos got immersed in these traditions and now, a couple of decades later, they sound fully at home in Eastern Europe. Spearheaded by wonderful violinist Alana Hunt, Vardos are a normally a trio featuring also accordion, double bass and vocals. For this album, they are joined by a hammered dulcimer player, Tim Meyen. The title of this live album 'Palazzo Party' gives an indication of the music, as it creates party atmosphere - energetic acoustic Eastern European dance music and songs played with passion.' 
Michael Moll, FolkWorld Magazine Germany, 2018

''Palazzo Party' is a hoot! Playing songs and tunes from Hungary and Romania, Vardos' new live recording is a vivacious, punky Transylvanian party. With songs about cabbages, drinks  and eyebrows, how can you resist?' fRoots magazine UK, 2018


'Vardos seem an energy-charged collection of traditional gypsy-folk music from consummate professionals' Beat Magazine

 'We came across the witty, character filled trio Vardos at Lola’s Bar early in the afternoon of New Years Day. All kinds of gypsy music, from Transylvanian Romanian to “Modern” flowed from the lively crew with fiddle, accordion and double bass ablaze.' Timber and Steel, 2016

'Vardos are the epitome of Gypsy chic.' Tasmanian Times, 2014

'VARDOS are the be-all and end-all of high energy music in Australia. This trio of powerful performers take the audience's eyes and ears on an extraordinary musical journey around Eastern Europe. Alana, with her dynamic gusto on lead violin, whips the band into a frenzy to deliver tune after tune of uplifting musical moments. Kirri drives the bass-line through each song with chutztpah and oomph from her double bass that you can feel from your guts all the way down to your feet while Sofia bounces from accordion, to song, to viola for a varied multilingual, multi-instrumental show. Irresistible: don't be surprised if you find yourself dancing. This extravaganza of gypsy music is not to be missed! '

József Trefeli, Compagnie József Trefeli 2015

'With stagecraft that is equal parts formation dancing, martial arts and Keystone Cops, the violin-accordion-double bass trio play with formidable panache, spinning the tunes into a dizzying procession of crescendos and false stops. Vardos don´t hold back. They give the tumbling, compound-time dances and slow airs- so sad they can´t bring themselves to sing the words- both barrels and not a few of Hunt´s bow hairs.'
**** Rob Adams, The Herald, Edinburgh

'The highlight of the festival so far for me' Carolyn Becket, BBC Radio Scotland

'Outstanding. A great favourite' Four Winds Festival

'Your enthusiasm and energy were infectious' Maroondah Singers

'The group played up to the theatrical promise of the music. They pranced around, adding animation to the musical tales of wedding joy and sadness, singing and shouting when the occasion demanded. The violinist's aggressive approach to her instrument was more Jimi Hendrix than Yehudi Menuhin. For drinking songs she took inebriated swipes at her bow. The seductive effect made conventional classical playing seem wooden. Vardos know their music so intimately that sudden changes in pace and atmosphere happened smoothly and flawlessly.' - Simon Kidd, Melbourne Times

'Their intrinsic musicality and faithfulness to the ethnic traditions of the music they perform is laudable. When so many so-called folk groups give only a vague impression of the cultures they represent it is refreshing to have such music played with authenticity.'
Port Fairy Spring Music Festival

'Les trois musiciennes du groupe australien Vardos ont plongé la place de la Marne dans une ambiance très gypsy, hier midi. Les trois belles dames ont effet donné un concert quelque peu théâtralisé. Le visage expressif des musiciennes accompagne les sérénades légères et cadencées. Les jeunes femmes expriment avec intensité leur musique. La musique gypsy ravit la foule. Vardos est une bonne surprise.'
Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes

'It makes us dance!'
'Now I get the cleaning done in half the time!'

'Alana Hunt’s soaring violin, Indra Buraczewska’s slapped double bass and Sofia Chapman’s supple accordion combine on a collection of 17 Hungarian and Romanian tunes and songs that show us that their frequent visits to Eastern Europe have made them a truly exciting band.' Lucky Oceans, The Planet, of 'Wild Side of the Village' 2006

'Melbourne female trio Vardos present a lively and authentic selection of traditional Hungarian and Romanian music, expanding to the Baltics and Balkans on their new CD, 'Until it's Time To Go.'' The Daily Planet, ABC Radio National 2011

'Melbourne girl Kylie Minogue might take succour from 'I should be so lucky', performed in Hungarian Gypsy style by Vardos, with Alana Hunt on a truly demented violin." ****1/2 , Ian Cuthbertson, Weekend Australian, of Vardos' contribution to the
Aria-award finalist compilation CD 'This is the Place for a Song'

'A traditional and acoustic sound, with the wild fiddle of Alana Hunt. The virtuosity is just faultless, making it a joy to listen to. They bounce through Romanian, Moldavian and Hungarian tunes with joy and ease. And all recorded in Melbourne!'

Geoff Burton, fRoots magazine, UK

'Speed folk, particularly of the more Eurasian persuasion, is soooo rock. No kidding.' Tim Spelman, Australian Music Online/

'Authentic and dextrously played'- David Hughes, Hobart Cultural Magazine

'With the release of this their second CD, Vardos make a strong claim, to being one of the most authentic and entertaining Balkan acts in Australia. The instrumental virtuosity showcased on this release in considerable. This album conveys the sheer excitement, the edge of craziness, and the depth of emotions that music from this troubled corner of the world conveys at its best. The exuberant intensity of Romanian dance music comes across in no uncertain terms on this excellent CD.' Malcolm Fielding, Indie Cds, of Entertaining Countess Dracula. 

'Heavily ornamented violin lines unravel over a maelstrom of frantic accordion and bass work' Herald Sun


'Best group of the Festival, I reckon- Vardos. Virtuosic violin playing.' Dan from Yackandandah, Yackandandah Folk Festival 2023

'If I were dead I would get up and dance because of the music'

'I'm 86 and it's the best thing I've ever seen!'

'It was good, to put it mildly'


'The most exciting aunties you could have!' (nephew Sindri Chapman)

'Gypsy music from the Balkans kicks western music ass'


'Check out the chops on those chicks!'  Mal Webb

'Great band, crazy Romanian-style violin playing'  Eddie Perfect

'A magical night!'  Sigrid Thornton

'Finom, gyönyörű zenész'

'Keep up the good work!' Amanda Palmer

'So fascinating (and motivating) to witness the beauty of the multicultural musical merge of Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian tunes, played on so many different traditional instruments, in one fabulous show. Thank you Vardos Trio & your special guest for an incredible night!'

'I love that they're sharing music from my culture around the world! SO authentic and takes me home every time.' Adela Savu

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