Sofia Chapman

Sofia is a Tasmanian born musician and writer currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Sofia has co-produced 5 plays with La Mama, Carlton, including the short play The Accidental Death of an Accordionist, 98 and the one act plays The Anorexic Chef, 2011, Untitled, or The Seat of Narcissa, 2016 and  Todd in Venice2017 with the Burning Deck Theatre Company

Untitled, or The Seat of Narcissa returned for a command season in La Mama's 50th birthday Mini-Fest in July 2017 at Carlton Courthouse, Melbourne with Sofia as Baroness of Inverness. Sofia also features in La Mama's 50th anniversary bookComing soon: 'The Top Secret Violin Case', Carlton Courthouse 349 Drummond St 21-26 Jan 2020.

Read Sofia's recent accordion article on Melbourne Recital Centre SoundEscapes here.

Another new project is The Extreme Accordion Show which aired on 29 August 2019 as a Graveyard Shift on RRR Radio 102.7FM.

Sofia won the 'Best Emerging Writer' Award at Melbourne Fringe 2012 for the play The Four Accordionists of the Apocalypse, directed by Jo Loth at La Mama Courthouse, with dramaturgy by Jami Bladel, Richard Bladel and May-Brit Akerholt. This award was provided by Writers Victoria and Melbourne Theatre Company. A playreading The Rise and Fall of A to Z  was presented at fortyfivedownstairs in May 2017.

Sofia's début short story, The Cave of Dr Cayla, written during a residency at Sainte Valière in France in 2015 was published in Gargouille Literary Journal Issue 4 in 2016. Another, An Ex in Provence  will appear shortly through In Case of Emergency Press.

Sofia appeared at the Emerging Writers' Festival and the International Festival of Literature in Translation in 2012 and Poetry at Federation Square, 2013. Sofia's poem 'Villanelle: Detention Centre' appeared in Regime 02, W.A. and  'Nancy Nails, dominatrix' won Australian Poetry 'Poem of the Week', in 2013. Sofia was Café Poet at Open Studio, 204 High St Northcote for two years supported by the Australian Poetry 'Café Poet' Program. Sofia's poem, 'A Boot Left in Wellington' appears in n-SCRIBE magazine issue 11, and 'Death of a Guinea Pig' in issue 13.

Sofia's Desperate Gallery was performed in the SHORT and SWEET short play Festival at Seymour Centre, Sydney and the Arts Centre, Melbourne. It has also been performed in Canada, New Zealand, the Unites States and the UK.
Desperate Gallery was published by Lazy Bee, UK, in 2012, and now available online at Lazy Bee Publishing. 

Sofia is a professional accordionist with the band Vardos.
Contact: sofiachapman (at)